Honest Supplies 100% Recycled 2 Ply Toilet Paper (x24)

24 soft, double quilted and 100% recycled toilet rolls – made in the UK

My Green Pod Hero Product
  • Soft 2 ply, double quilted toilet paper
  • 100% recycled, made entirely from UK material
  • Completely plastic free, including the packaging
  • Carbon negative and free from chlorine
  • Good value: a pack of 24 gives as many sheets as you’d get from 42 average rolls

Help to save the planet – one sheet at a time!

This 100% recycled toilet paper works out cheaper per sheet than leading bamboo brands.

Each eco-friendly roll is over 41m long and contains 350 sheets, meaning this box of 24 equates to 42 rolls of standard 2 ply toilet paper.

You get an excellent price per roll – all while reducing your plastic waste and carbon footprint.

Honest Supplies removes two tonnes of carbon for every tonne it can’t avoid, making this a carbon-negative loo roll.

Inside the 100% plastic-free packaging you’ll find 24 UK-made, soft, double quilted recycled toilet rolls.

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There are no nasty chemicals, including chlorine, making this toilet paper softer and kinder to your skin.

Each month Honest Supplies supports two carbon reduction products around the world that help reduce CO2 emissions immediately and plant trees to protect our future.

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