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Bee Solar Technology Heliomotion

A free-standing solar tracking system that generates renewable energy for your home or business

  • Heliomotion solar systems track the sun, so up to 45% more energy is produced.
  • Built using high-grade steel and aluminium – in the UK.
  • DIY installation: no piece weighs more than 30kg.
  • If you move house, you can take your system with you.
  • As well as helping the planet, you can lower your household energy bills.

Heliomotion is a solar tracking system that produces renewable energy.

The GPS control board and position sensor enable the system to know exactly where the sun is, so the panels face the sun all day – from sunrise to sunset.

Up to six solar PV panels are attached to an aluminium frame fixed to a strong steel column. The column is ground mounted, using a custom steel plate and four long ground anchors. A sealed drive unit turns the frame containing the panels.

Fewer panels are needed to produce a higher energy output, no scaffolding is required and it is economical to install.

This means the system helps to lower household electricity bills and shorten the ROI (return on investment) period.

The system is made by Bee Solar Technology Ltd in England, from premium quality steel, aluminium and over 120 components including flanges, brackets, drive unit cover, panel clamps, nuts, bolts and washers.

Electrical parts include a slew drive, a stepping motor + gear wheel, breakers, transformer and wiring. A connected inverter allows the system to convert DC to AC power. The largest six-panel system is just over 3m wide and 4.3m from the ground to the top of the panels. Two colour options are available: silver or fern green.

The systems can be used on their own or in quantity, and can withstand wind speeds of up to 80mph. If higher speeds are expected, the panels can easily be lowered to horizontal using an extension rod, enabling wind to pass above and below the thinnest edge.

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