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Pod Pea Vodka

A fresh, flavourful and climate-positive vodka made with 100% British peas

Pod Pea Vodka
  • Climate positive and made with 100% British peas.
  • Embraces flavour, local materials, ingredients and talent.
  • Inspired by mother nature, Pod Pea Vodka is made from peas and tastes like peas.
  • Sweet, vegetal pea notes, a touch of citrus, light savoury tones and a silky finish.
  • Freshens up a classic spirit-mixer combination, or can be used to create a delicious Pickle Pea Martini.

Pod Pea Vodka is a unique and innovative vodka that offers a fresh take on classic cocktails.

Inspired by mother nature, it puts the spotlight firmly on the humble pea! As well as being the UK’s national vegetable, peas are utterly delicious and great for the planet, too. They fix nitrogen into the soil, which helps to create healthier crops.

Created under the guiding principle that great-tasting spirits don’t need to cost the Earth, Pod sources what it can locally. The peas are 100% British and the water, labels, glass (and even the sand to make the glass!) are all locally sourced.

Pod Pea Vodka is fermented, distilled and bottled on home turf – Manchester. This is a spirit that’s made as kindly as possible, for those who prioritise people, purpose and planet.

Planet-positive Pod Pea Vodka (40% abv) is a fresh and flavourful vodka with sweet, vegetal pea notes, a touch of citrus, light savoury tones and a silky finish.

This is a truly sustainable vodka that freshens up a classic spirit and mixer or can be used to elevate cocktails with a savoury edge.

Experiment with something truly different and give peas a chance by creating a green take on a Bloody Mary, or add umami and delicate savoury tones to your favourite serves with Pod.

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