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Arbikie Nàdar Vodka

Harnessing the power of peas to create the world's first climate-positive spirits

Arbikie Nadar Vodka
  • An antidote to tastless vodkas
  • Base spirit made on site from peas, a more environmentally friendly crop
  • The emissions for the production of the spirit are offset with Gold Standard
  • Natural, unvarnished wood stopper sourced from FSC certified forests
  • 100% recyclable bottle

An antidote to tasteless vodkas!

Arbikie Distillery makes its own base spirit which retains many of the subtle flavours lost in most vodkas.

This field-to-bottle vodka is distinctive and delicious, with a vibrant and spicy taste alongside a contrasting floral nose.
With a carbon footprint of -1.54 kg CO 2e per 700ml bottle, Nàdar is at the forefront of fighting climate change and biodiversity loss, the biggest challenges humankind has ever faced.

Arbikie has built the world’s first distillery green hydrogen plant and integrated a sustainable water management policy.
The crops are traceable to field and then down to 2cm, with all inputs recorded. Circular economy principles are integrated with a neighbouring farm, which swaps straw, grass, dung and draff. There is also an integrated soil management plan and integrated crop rotation.

Special projects include an intercropping project with James Hutton Institute to undersow barley with legumes.
Waste products are turned into natural fertiliser and cow nutrition. Waste ethanol goes to fire places.

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