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Organico Organic Olive Oil

Award-winning organic olive oil

Organico Olive Oil
  • Certified organic olive oil
  • Winner of a Great Taste Award
  • Made from picual and Arbequina olives
  • Deliciously balanced flavour with peppery notes
  • Produced by family-run organic specialists, founded in 1868

Organico Organic Olive Oil is lovingly created by a small, family-run producer based in Tulette, a market town located on the Côtes du Rhône wine trail.

The producer works with local farming cooperatives and private family-owned mills, all situated in the south of Spain.

The olive varieties used are picual and Arbequina.

Picul has an intense, fruity taste in comparison with the milder Arbequina. A delicate blending is required, depending on both the batch and the time of year, to create the deliciously balanced flavour and peppery notes of this organic olive oil.

This blending expertise has been passed down through generations of the family.

Fantastic for heart health, olive oil is a staple of the Mediterranean diet and the Organico blend is perfect for cooking, drizzling over a fresh salad or as a dip to accompany bread.

Organico Organic Olive Oil is available in 500ml and 1l glass bottles, as part of a range that also includes Sunflower, Rapeseed and Sesame Seed Organic Oils.

A pantry staple for any home, this oil will bring even the most basic of meals to life thanks to its clean, crisp, fruity taste and peppery after-notes.

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