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Bird & Wild Medium Roast Coffee

This shade-grown organic, Fairtrade coffee helps native & migratory birds by protecting crucial habitats

Bird and Wild Coffee
  • A smooth coffee with dark chocolate tones, balanced acidity and bright floral aromas.
  • Certified Fairtrade & Organic.
  • Smithsonian Institute Shade Grown & Bird Friendly Certified.
  • Supports the RSPB – over £50,000 donated to the RSPB since 2018.
  • PE4 recyclable packaging.

If you haven’t heard of shade-grown coffee, buckle up – it’s set to be the next big thing for eco-savvy shoppers and coffee connoisseurs alike.

Most coffee is grown in the sun to maximise yield, but this can destroy and land and vital habitats.

Bird & Wild only roasts seasonal coffee certified as Bird Friendly & Shade-Grown by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Centre, and supports its research and conservation programmes.
These coffees are naturally grown under the rainforest canopy, a haven for birds and other wildlife and ideal conditions for nurturing deliciously different beans with a taste of the wild.
In the shade of tropical highland agroforestry systems, where the coffee shrubs grow beneath a diverse canopy of shade trees, coffee is allowed to develop complex, distinctive and smooth flavours.

Growing coffee in the shade helps both native and migratory bird species. 184 species of bird (including 46 migratory bird species) were found on a single Shade Grown Coffee site in Mexico. This compares with as few as 6-12 bird species found in unshaded coffee monocultures.

For every bag of Bird & Wild sold, you are helping the RSPB, the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Centre and the Fairtrade Foundation.
Working in partnership with the RSPB, 6% of sales is donated to the RSPB to help give nature a home, as well as being Certified Fairtrade and Organic.

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