Sea Arch Coastal Juniper Spirit

A refreshing non-alcoholic spirit, bursting with coastal botanicals

My Green Pod Hero Product
  • Delicious and award-winning distilled non-alcoholic spirit, inspired by the Devon coast.
  • Crisp and complex, yet free from sugar, sweeteners, calories and allergens.
  • Serve with ice and a premium tonic, or in a range of mindful cocktails.
  • Available as ready-to-drink cans – perfect to enjoy on the go.
  • Refreshingly sophisticated alternative to alcohol that doesn’t compromise on taste or experience.
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This delicious, alcohol-free alternative to gin is perfect for special occasions and sophisticated mocktails.

Sea Arch founders Sarah and Geoff Yates were inspired by a natural sea arch in Torbay, and they have bottled the beauty of the Devon coast.

The juniper spirit is bursting with coastal botanicals, and the marine blue bottle has a sand design and bronze logo reminiscent of a seaside sunset.

The drink is made using 11 all-natural botanicals, including hand-harvested sea kelp and samphire, both native to the Devon coast.

You won’t believe this non-alcoholic spirit is free from alcohol, sugar and sweeteners when you taste its crisp, complex flavours.

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Best served over ice with a squeeze of citrus and premium tonic, Sea Arch is a refreshing and sophisticated feel-good tipple.

Sea Arch’s environmental pledge means no single-use plastics, only recycled or recyclable packaging and home-grown, local ingredients sourced ethically and sustainably.

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