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Rio-Vitalise 1800mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

An organic and food-grade CBD oil that has been lab tested for purity

Rio-Vitalise CBD Oil Hero
  • Pure and organically grown, free from synthetic ingredients for a natural experience.

  • Extra virgin olive oil base for rich, smooth flavour without refrigeration.
  • Place under tongue for 60 seconds for maximum absorption.
  • Lab-tested quality to ensure purity, potency and safety compliance.

  • A good option for both newcomers and seasoned CBD enthusiasts.

Experience the natural power of Rio-Vitalise 1800 mg Full Spectrum CBD oil.

The crops are meticulously hand-grown on a pristine farm nestled within the breathtaking biosphere reserve of Spain.

They are nourished by the pure waters of La Rio Cabriel, ensuring each drop is imbued with the essence of nature.

Crafted with care, this 1800mg Full Spectrum CBD oil combines the properties of CBD and CBG in perfect harmony.

With 1500mg of CBD and 300mg of CBG per bottle, this blend offers a potent solution for seasoned CBD enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Note: While we cannot discuss specific health benefits due to regulatory restrictions,Rio-Vitalise CBD oil is crafted with your wellbeing in mind.

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