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Arbikie Highland Rye Single Grain Scotch Whisky

The first rye Scotch for over 100 years

Arbikie Highland Rye
  • Revives an authentic way of distilling with a sense of place and a taste of the land and sea that surround Arbikie Estate
  • Made with a field-to-bottle ethos, allowing Arbikie to ensure the finest of ingredients are used
  • A unique combination of weather, field and crop varieties
  • Independently owned family distillery with a history on the farm dating back 400 years
  • Natural, unvarnished wood stopper sourced from FSC certified forests

Arbikie was first discovered as a farm distillery in 1794.

Centuries past, distilling was a local craft with a truly local flavour.

In these distant times, all ingredients for the pot still would be taken from the farm and immediate surroundings.

The 1794 Highland Rye Single Grain Scotch Whisky from Arbikie Distillery is a celebration of this field-to-bottle tradition, reviving a genuinely authentic way of distilling and producing a spirit with a sense of place, and a taste of the land and sea that surrounds it.

APPEARANCE: honey amber colour with full body
NOSE: caraway seeds, blackberries, citrus, cocoa and vanilla pods
TASTE: cloves, forest berries, orange zest, black tea and caramel wafer
FINISH: ripe stone fruit, dark chocolate and black tea

Arbikie has built the world’s first distillery green hydrogen plant and integrated a sustainable water management policy.
The crops are traceable to field and then down to 2cm, with all inputs recorded. Circular economy principles are integrated with a neighbouring farm, which swaps straw, grass, dung and draff. There is also an integrated soil management plan and integrated crop rotation.

Special projects include an intercropping project with James Hutton Institute to undersow barley with legumes.
Waste products are turned into natural fertiliser and cow nutrition. Waste ethanol goes to fire places.

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