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Organic, local veg boxes for Norfolk and Suffolk

Goodery veg box
  • Veg box made up of organic and local produce.
  • Seasonal ingredients, prioritising vegetables grown in Norfolk and Suffolk.
  • Produce imported only where necessary, and from trusted organic suppliers.
  • A balance of roots, greens, fruiting veg and interesting/unusual crops!
  • Low-waste product, with paper and repurposed cardboard only where possible.

Goodery’s Norfolk organic veg box is a curation of organic vegetables sourced seasonally from East Anglian growers, supplemented with organic produce from elsewhere to give you a delicious, balanced box full of goodness.

The box will contain six to eight items based on what is seasonally available – just let Goodery know if you have one ingredient that you really don’t like, and get in touch if you’d like a larger box.

All produce is certified organic and harvested fresh each week.

Goodery grows its own produce and buys direct from small-scale organic growers, putting the local food economy, soil and health first. The approach is good for you, good for the region and good for the planet. 

If you’ve never tasted fresh organic fruit or vegetables before, you’re in for a treat. The proof is in the flavour, with better soil growing more nutrient-rich produce which is tastier and better for your gut! 

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