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The app that makes choosing eco-friendly foods easier

  • Learn the environmental impact of your food in seconds
  • Scan the barcode of, or search for, your favorite foods in store
  • Easy-to-use features such as local products and low GHG badges
  • Filter search results by store, score or category
  • Scientifically backed environmental impact ratings

Sustained makes choosing eco-friendly foods easier.

The free, easy-to-use app places the power back in the consumer’s hands with an A-G rating system that reveals the impact of your food on the planet in seconds.

These ratings are backed by months of analysis by Sustained’s data team, using underlying environmental impact categories and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data.

The goal is to empower people to see beyond greenwashing and understand the true impact of their food choices.

To use, simply scan the barcode or search for your chosen product to see its eco-rating.

Available for use in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Ocado and M&S – and with almost 200,000 products in its database – Sustained is becoming the go-to place to learn the estimated environmental impact of your food.

New features are being released every fortnight, so it’s a great time to download the app and join the Sustained community.

Most recently, new features include the opportunity to filter search results by shop and score, create a shopping list on the go, and new feature badges such as ‘local product’ and ‘low greenhouse gas emissions’ to help you navigate eco food options.

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