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Gratitude Global

A unique platform allowing all gaming companies and gamers to contribute to the climate crisis

  • Simple-to-use eco tech platform helping to combat the climate crisis.
  • Donating to immediate impact projects through trusted, globally recognised charities.
  • Supports environmental, conservation and social projects aligning with all 17 UN SDGs.
  • Addressing CO2e through a trusted, certificated carbon-credit programme, avoiding greenwash.
  • Affordable monthly, bi-annual and annual subscription models. You don’t have to be a gamer to subscribe.

There are 3.24 billion gamers globally.

With another 1 billion gamers set to come online in Africa by mid-2024, half the world’s population will soon be gaming online.

Gratitude’s approach is to allow all gaming companies and gamers to contribute to the climate crisis through its unique platform. All gaming companies can partner with Gratitude and make immediate impact through its associated charities and carbon reduction programme, whether they have in-game purchases or not.

Although Gratitude launched in the gaming sector, its innovative platform can be adopted and adapted to any industry, including construction and retail, two of the major contributors to the climate crisis. This will allow collaborations between companies aiming to improve their sustainable actions and help even more impactful action to be created around the world.

10% of Gratitude’s net profits will be set aside to address underfunded projects on its platform, create a global fund for climate emergencies such as wildfires and to invest in eco tech companies that benefit our planet.
Gratitude has applied for B Corp status.

Gratitude’s award-winning platform enables individuals and corporations to tackle climate change. The subscription model helps gamers to address their CO2e while helping protect and restore the planet through donations to SDG-aligned charities.

The innovative in-game purchase model, currently in development with industry experts, allows gaming companies and gamers committed to protecting the planet to reduce their CO2e through its plug-in API.

Funds are redirected from the gaming company to Gratitude’s platform, allowing the subscriber to decide which charity to donate to. Gratitude also plants a tree for every subscriber as a reward for their commitment.

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