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The tree-planting & protecting subscription, where supporters are entered into a weekly prize draw

  • Join the new tree subscription from £5 a month
  • Plant and protect trees around the globe every month
  • Win prizes each week as a thank you, up to £50,000!
  • Watch your forest grow over time, in your account
  • In support of the global environmental charity Conservation International

MyTrees really is win-win. The new subscription service allows you to plant and protect trees every month – and as a thank you you’ll be entered into a weekly draw with cash prizes.

MyTrees funds four reforestation projects around the world, in Brazil (Amazon Rainforest), Peru (Alto Mayo Rainforest), Columbia (Cispata Mangroves) and Kenya (Chyulu Hills). These are all existing projects being undertaken by its partner Conservation International.

Conservation International has been protecting nature since 1987. It selected these locations using a science-based approach to prioritise the most important natural habitats and the benefits they provide; to quantify the value of those benefits for decision-makers; to protect them sustainably for the long term and to monitor their ongoing protection and health.​

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