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myenergi zappi EV charge point

Zappi cleverly manages the home's energy consumption by reducing power to the car if an appliance is turned on in the house

Double Rosehip Oil
  • Charge your EV with your solar PV.
  • Use zappi smart boost to charge your car with cheaper tariff rates.
  • The only EV charger on the market to pay for itself in savings.
  • Let zappi reduce your grid reliance with the smart load-balancing feature.
  • OLEV approved.

Zappi the eco-smart charger is the first of its kind, with features that allow the homeowner to charge their EV the most eco and cost-effective way.

If your home has solar panels or a wind turbine, zappi is a classic no-brainer: it lets you charge your electric car with surplus power that would otherwise have been sent back to the grid. You essentially get a free charge with green energy.

The charger works alongside battery storage systems and with all electric vehicles, making it the most adaptive to date.

If you just want a standard car charger, switch zappi into FAST mode and allow zappi to work like any regular charger, putting a maximum of 7kW to your car.

Zappi is manufactured in the UK by myenergi, a company that specialises in eco-smart products.

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