myenergi zappi EV charge point

Zappi cleverly manages the home's energy consumption by reducing power to the car if an appliance is turned on in the house

My Green Pod Hero Product
  • Charge your EV with your solar PV.
  • Use zappi smart boost to charge your car with cheaper tariff rates.
  • The only EV charger on the market to pay for itself in savings.
  • Let zappi reduce your grid reliance with the smart load-balancing feature.
  • OLEV approved.

Zappi the eco-smart charger is the first of its kind, with features that allow the homeowner to charge their EV the most eco and cost-effective way.

If your home has solar panels or a wind turbine, zappi is a classic no-brainer: it lets you charge your electric car with surplus power that would otherwise have been sent back to the grid. You essentially get a free charge with green energy.

The charger works alongside battery storage systems and with all electric vehicles, making it the most adaptive to date.

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If you just want a standard car charger, switch zappi into FAST mode and allow zappi to work like any regular charger, putting a maximum of 7kW to your car.

Zappi is manufactured in the UK by myenergi, a company that specialises in eco-smart products.

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