Octopus Energy Super Green Octopus Tariff

Octopus Energy's Super Green Octopus Tariff offers 100% renewable electricity & full carbon offsetting for gas

My Green Pod Hero Product
  • The supplier is a long-term investor in renewable generation.
  • Clear, simple pricing, with bills that actually make sense.
  • Uses technology to create a leaner business model.

Octopus Energy believes energy should be better. A better experience for you through transparency, honesty and simplicity. Better for the planet, through real long-term investment in renewable generation and a low-CO2 future. Better value, by throwing away the old business models of the ‘Big 6’ and instead creating a business that’s built around the customer.

It takes less than two minutes to switch to green energy. The Super Green Octopus Tariff offers 100% renewable electricity and full carbon offsets for gas. This means that from an energy point of view your home is carbon neutral – leaving no footprint on the planet. As well as this, you’ll receive some of the best customer service in the industry, and transparent pricing.

A new breed of energy supplier: introducing Octopus Energy – the UK’s largest investor in solar generation

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