Puredrive PureStorage II AC Battery

Battery storage for solar-generated energy

My Green Pod Hero Product
  • The only battery manufacturer with EPVS-approved savings.
  • Protects your home’s critical circuits in the event of a power cut.
  • The highest-performing battery on the market, according to comparison sites.
  • Earn additional savings from its virtual power plant, operating grid services and variable tariffs.
  • Saves your solar-generated energy while protecting your planet, property and pocket.
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PureStorage II AC Battery provides battery storage for solar-generated energy.

It allows you to save green energy – whether it’s generated by the wind or the sun – and minimise your grid consumption and energy costs.

Its unique integrated Virtual Power Plant (VPP) delivers market-leading savings through the operation of grid services and the automation of energy suppliers’ variable rate tariffs.

The system is energy supplier agnostic, meaning you are not tied in and are free to switch to the best energy supplier tariff available on the market at that time.

It can also communicate with other smart devices in your home, such as EV chargers and heat pumps, optimising the energy usage when and where it is required.

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The attractive all-in-one system can be installed indoors or outside, with a wide temperature range of -20°C to +50°C.

The PureStorage II AC is an all-in-one enclosure system, including inverter charger and VPP gateway.

Choose between the smaller 5KWh or the larger 10KWh model.

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