Track and offset the carbon footprint of your purchases with this impact banking app

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  • The impact banking app that turns everyday spending into a force for good.
  • The first digital bank to receive B Corp certification.
  • Track and offset the carbon footprint of your purchases.
  • Novus shares its revenue so you’ll support customised NGOs with every transaction.
  • Get cashback for shopping sustainably with the ethical partners in its marketplace.

Novus is a new UK-based impact banking app that lets you generate positive impact with every payment.

While carrying out your everyday spending, you’ll be planting trees, donating books, saving turtles and much more. Living sustainably has never been easier!

Following the ambitious targets set at COP26, Novus believes carbon neutralising is more important than ever.

That’s why you’ll be able to track and offset your carbon footprint within its app by investing in carbon-neutralising projects.

Novus also wants to make sure that when you are consuming it’s with sustainable and ethical brands wherever possible.

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The app’s key features include: budgeting tools, NGO donations, carbon tracking and offsetting and an in-app marketplace with over 100 ethical and sustainable brands ranging from food and drink through to fashion and cosmetics.

Novus will even give you cashback rewards if you choose to shop with these brands.

FCA-registered Novus is a UK-based fintech startup with a focus on sustainability.

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