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E-waste is 'Britain's dirty little secret'

Fix it first

New research finds e-waste is Britain’s ‘dirty little secret’.
How to store food

How to store food

Want to go plastic free? These tips can help you extend the life of your food – and save around £470 a year.
The elephant in the room

The elephant in the room

Life-sized elephant made from 29,649 batteries highlights how many end up in landfill sites.
Waitrose refills success

Waitrose refills success

Waitrose Unpacked refillables test to launch in more shops after ‘overwhelmingly positive response’ in Oxford.
Top 10 everyday eco-actions

Want to save the planet?

Michaela Strachan and WWF share their top 10 everyday eco-actions.
P.E.A. Awards 2019 – enter or nominate now

Emergency on planet Earth

P.E.A. Awards 2019 will showcase everyday solutions to the climate emergency.
Recycling bags incinerated

Recycling bags incinerated

London recycling bags put in incineration bins as waste workers pressured to sort items in less than two seconds.
Platinum Awards 2019

Janey Lee Grace Platinum Awards 2019

If you work in the natural, eco or organic product or service sector, now’s your chance to be recognised!
Mama & Baby Awards

Mama & Baby Awards 2019

Weleda scoops multiple awards in this year's ranking of natural, organic and eco-friendly mum and baby products.
Huntly, Aberdeenshire

Britain’s clean energy milestone

‘Watershed moment’ for Britain's energy as zero-carbon power overtakes fossil fuels.
Plastic Free Awards – entries open

Plastic Free Awards

New awards to celebrate environmental heroes fighting plastic pollution.
Going clean just got easy (and cheap)

Going clean just got easy

My Green Pod has launched a crowdfunder to create a subscription service for clean products.
Aerial view of tulip fields and wind turbines in the Noordoostpolder municipality, Flevoland

Cheap renewable energy

New IRENA report reaffirms renewables are a low-cost solution to boost global climate action.
My Green Pod Heroes of the Season, spring '19

Top 5 Spring Switches 2019

Five simple switches that will help you spring clean your lifestyle, plus our MyGreenPod Heroes of the Season.
Jordan Brompton, co-founder of myenergi

Driving the shift

We spoke to Jordan Brompton, co-founder of myenergi, about EVs, renewables and the shift in mainstream consciousness.
Taking organic upstairs

Taking organic upstairs

The organic revolution is well underway in the food sector – and now it’s racing upstairs to the bedroom.
Clean cotton

Clean cotton

Sarah Compson, Soil Association’s international development manager, explains the impact and importance of buying organic textiles.
Angelika Davenport, Tincture

And breathe…

How to use the power of plants to combat the scourge of indoor air pollution.
Children are spending more time indoors, increasing exposure to air pollution

Air pollution in the home

Indoor air pollution 3.5 times worse than outdoor air pollution – and up to 560 times higher at its peak.
The ‘Bee Pit Stop’ at London's King's Cross

The ‘Bee Pit Stop’

Huge 'Bee Pit Stop’ unveiled at King’s Cross to raise awareness of the decline in the UK's bee-friendly habitats.