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Oliver Heath, 28 ways in 28 days

28 Ways in 28 Days

Biophilic design expert Oliver Heath has put together 28 ways you can help the planet, one day at a time.
Natural Products Europe 2019

Natural & Organic Products Europe

Exhibition captures the mood of a natural food, beauty and product industry determined to power ahead.
Toys in landfill

Toys in landfill

Nearly one in three parents admit to throwing away toys that are still in perfect condition.
Earth Hour 2019

Earth Hour 2019

Tonight, you can raise cash for WWF when you turn your lights out for Earth Hour.
Sainsbury's worst for plastic

Sainsbury’s ‘worst for plastic’

Greenpeace calls out Sainsbury’s as worst in class on plastics, and challenges supermarket to clean up its act.
Old tires in brownfield site

Space for new homes

1m new homes could be built on derelict and vacant land, transforming towns and cities.
Scrap yards and communities

Scrap yards and communities

Trade association for the scrap metal industry says money can be raised for good causes through scrap collections.
Monks and schoolchildren learn about reduce, reuse and recycle

Global Recycling Day 2019

Today the world unites to celebrate recycling, with events planned from Nigeria to South Korea and Brazil to the UK.
Toxic chemicals in plastics

Toxic chemicals in plastics

Influential and environmentally conscious speakers to discuss ‘generation plastic’ at the next Women’s Environmental Network forum.
Brexit's impact on UK recycling

Waste not, want not

Ben Prior, founder and CEO of environmental fund manager Earthworm, takes a look at Brexit’s impact on Britain’s waste and recycling responsibility.
UK’s recycling league table

Recycling league table

London’s Newham is ‘worst area for recycling in UK’ – but Yorkshire’s East Riding comes out on top.
Fast-moving consumers

Fast-moving consumers

Top food and household goods firms in race to keep up with climate-conscious consumers.
Tracking UK waste

Tracking waste

Scottish tech firm lands contract to track all waste from UK homes and businesses.
Heroes of the Season, winter 2019

Top 5 winter switches 2019

Five simple switches that will set you up for a new start in spring, plus our MyGreenPod Heroes of the Season.

What’s in a name?

Here’s the easy way to buy products from brands that share your ethics.

Octopus Energy

‘Leicester’s energy supplier’ is spearheading change in UK cities.
Green charging with the zappi

Green charging

This clever piece of kit can provide a green – and sometimes free – charge for your EV.
The Cora Ball

Introducing the Cora Ball

Activism just got as easy as throwing a ball in with your wash load.
Why Green Goddess is cleaning up

Cleaning up

Joni Graham King is on a mission to put a ‘Clean Living’ refill site in every UK town.
Going bold

Going bold

Suma has shown how democracy, equality, integrity and compassion can succeed in business.