PETA India’s wedding gift to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is ‘ideal’ considering the couple’s wish to celebrate the day through charity

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are sure to receive a wide variety of wedding gifts, but PETA India’s may be the most unique.

An Indian bull who was found weak and injured, likely after a lifetime of being forced to toil in the hot sun pulling a heavy cart, has been adopted by the group on behalf of the happy couple and named Merry – a hybrid of the names Meghan and Harry – in their honour.

Merry will spend the rest of his days relaxing in peace at a sanctuary in Maharashtra, India.

‘Prince Harry and Meghan Markle now have a 1-tonne bull to call their own. Rescuing Merry is an ideal wedding present for a couple who want their day celebrated with charitable works and contributions. The royal wedding is the perfect time for anyone to spare a thought for and show some love to all our fellow living beings.’

PETA founder

Merry was found alone and suffering from a deep wound on his neck. It has been treated and has completely healed, and he has made a best friend – another bullock, named Barsha – who was also recently rescued.