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An ‘eBay for energy’

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Good Energy has teamed up with innovative energy startup, Open Utility, to trial a pioneering new service that will allow commercial consumers and renewable generators to trade electricity.

The aim of the online marketplace, named Piclo, is to provide an ‘eBay for energy’ that could offer more transparency and control than ever before.

The six-month trial allows businesses to buy renewable electricity directly from specific sites. Renewable generators will be able to sell their electricity directly to their neighbours, local businesses or schools for the best price.

Good Energy

Good Energy, a 100% renewable electricity supplier, will act as utility partner for the groundbreaking scheme; it will help facilitate billing and will work closely with Open Utility to ensure that Piclo meets all regulatory requirements.

‘We’re pleased to be in partnership with Open Utility. Piclo is an innovative service that puts consumers at the heart of energy and could unlock the potential of renewables in the UK. This is something we passionately support as a pioneering independent energy supplier.’

Juliet Davenport, Good Energy founder and chief executive

Join the trial

Open Utility and Good Energy are currently recruiting a limited number of commercial consumers and renewable generators to be the first to try out Piclo. If you’re interested in joining the trial, contact

‘We are excited to work together with Good Energy to deliver Piclo, a brand new way to buy and sell renewable electricity in the UK. This project brings together the UK’s leading renewables-focused energy supplier with a customer-centric technology company from the heart of London’s Tech City.

‘Together, Good Energy and Open Utility are taking a significant first step towards giving people more control over their energy, and helping support a future powered by renewables.’

James Johnston, co –founder and CEO of Open Utility

Energy entrepreneurs

The innovative project is backed by The Energy Entrepreneurs Fund scheme, which is run by The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). Match funding has been provided by Nominet Trust.

Ofgem has expressed a keen interest in the project and will be following its progress. Piclo provides unprecedented control and choice to customers; as a marketplace, prices will vary depending on supply and demand.

Good Energy’s mission is to support change in the energy market, address climate change and boost energy security. Over the course of a year, it matches all the electricity its customers use with power from renewable sources. To find out more, visit the Good Energy website.

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