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Pop-up created by a team of Imagination graduates encourages Londoners to plant and save the bees

A new campaign has been launched to raise awareness of the vital role bees play in human survival, and to provoke Londoners to act to help save bees by planting.

At the immersive pop-up designed by Imagination, an independent global creative agency, a host will encourage people to come in and discuss the urban bee problem and how they can help by planting.

Local London florists and plant suppliers will contribute plants bees can inhabit within the pop-up enclosure.

Bermondsey Street Bees

The project was designed by graduates of Imagination’s Academy Project, which was formed to give the industry recruits a chance to design their own concept and deliver a live experience.

This year’s graduates created the #BeeCause campaign to support Bermondsey Street Bees, an organisation that works with local government, businesses and community groups to maintain sustainable planting initiatives for bees.

Bermondsey Street Bees pioneers sustainable urban beekeeping strategies through its forage planting initiatives, collaborations with local gardening charities and other projects including a best-selling book Planting for Honeybees.

Voted Britain’s ‘Small Artisan Producer of The Year’ in 2016, Bermondsey Street Bees has also twice been awarded ‘Best Honey in London’ (2011 & 2017) as well as being named as one of London’s ‘Top 20 Food Producers’ and ‘Top 50 Food Heroes.’

BeeCause pop-up, 16 August 2018
BeeCause pop-up, 16 August 2018

‘We were delighted when Imagination approached us about this project, which is so perfectly in step with our work to encourage those living or working within urban communities to take action to support bee survival and biodiversity.

‘With green space in London shrinking every year, we need to make London a much more bee-friendly city by increasing the amount of forage available to them.

‘The team’s creative response has been extraordinary; it will really help to spread the message, raise awareness of the cause and encourage people to play a part in helping to feed bees, even if they only have a windowsill to plant up for them.’

Bermondsey Bees

A rewarding experience

Claire Dykes, HR director at Imagination, said the graduate team behind the #BeeCause Project ‘has taken this as an opportunity to demonstrate its creative capacity and build a campaign that is unique, immersive and supportive of an important cause.’

Sam Odell, Strategist from Imagination’s Academy, said that while producing the #BeeCause ‘had its challenges’, seeing it all come together ‘has been a truly rewarding experience’.

‘I’ve learnt a lot from this project’, Sam added, ‘and all of us involved have been working out of our comfort zone at times. Working with Sarah and seeing her passion for urban bees definitely inspired us on this project and we cannot wait to see what London’s public has to say about our installation.’

The pop-up will be at Potters Field Park between 10.00 and 17.00 on 16 August 2018.

Do store-bought plants harm bees? Click here to find out.

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