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Fairphone wins UN award

Ethical smartphone manufacturer recognised for tackling issues in consumer electronics
Fairphone Assembled Picture from MyGreenPod Sustainable News

Social enterprise Fairphone received the UN Momentum for Change Award during the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris.

The Fairphone 2 – ethical and designed to last, Fairphone is changing the game with the modular Fairphone 2

The ethical smartphone

The company created an ethical smartphone in order to raise awareness of the social and environmental issues in consumer electronics.

By looking into the design, production, distribution and lifecycle of its smartphone, Fairphone’s goal is to tackle sustainability challenges in the technology industry.

The Fairphone 2


Momentum for Change

Momentum for Change, an initiative spearheaded by the UN Climate Change secretariat, recognises initiatives that are promoting the shift to a more sustainable future.

Fairphone was selected as one of 16 game-changing initiatives that are proving to be some of the most practical, scalable and replicable examples of what can be done to tackle climate change.

‘It is an incredible honour to be awarded the UN Momentum for Change Award.

‘This gives us and our community the confidence to grow the movement for fairer electronics, and hope that disruptive initiatives like ours can bloom all over the world, in any industry, to drive the transition towards a more sustainable and fair economy.’

Bas van Abel, Founder and CEO, Fairphone

Evolving design

The first edition Fairphone launched two years ago – and all 60,000 handsets were sold in no time at all.

The new Fairphone 2 has a completely original design that allows Fairphone to take its social and environmental objectives even further by focusing on longevity and DIY repair.

It’s a competitive smartphone that features a 5-inch, full HD Gorilla Glass LCD display and runs Android 5.1 (Lollipop), with 32GB of internal storage. Full specifications can be found here.

The long-lasting smartphone

What sets it apart is the revolutionary modular architecture that enables easy, DIY repair of select components, resulting in a longer lasting device that encourages owners to take more responsibility for keeping their phones in working order.

By designing a long-lasting smartphone, Fairphone aims to create new relationships between people and their products and inspire the electronics industry to reduce environmental impact and address climate change.

Conflict-free minerals

Fairphone has sold over 22,000 second edition smartphones so far and pre-orders of the Fairphone 2 continue in full swing through the organisation’s online shop. The very first pre-ordered Fairphones will start being shipped to buyers just before Christmas.

Proceeds from the new phone continue to support ongoing initiatives like sourcing conflict-free minerals, the worker-controlled welfare fund at the final assembly factory in China and the e-waste recycling program in Ghana.

Click here to find out more about the Fairphone 2.

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