BY KATIE - MYGREENPOD, 21 December '16

Interflora’s exclusive Christmas poinsettias are the first Fairtrade plants

Fairtrade plants are now available in the UK for the first time, thanks to the launch of Interflora’s exclusive Fairtrade Poinsettias.

The Fairtrade Poinsettias cost £25 including delivery, or £30 with chocolates and free delivery via Interflora.

The Fairtrade Premium

As with Fairtrade flowers, the Fairtrade Premium generated from the sale of each young plant cutting will provide benefits for workers on Fairtrade certified plant farms in Ethiopia.

On every Fairtrade plant and flower farm, committees represented by workers decide how to invest the Fairtrade Premium, with common examples being education and community development projects.

Farms must also adhere to the decent working conditions required by the Fairtrade Standards.

15 years of Fairtrade flowers

This launch of Fairtrade plants comes 15 years after the first Fairtrade flower farms became certified.

Fairtrade works with flower workers in countries including Kenya, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Uganda and Tanzania, and there are now almost 50,000 flower workers working with Fairtrade to get a better deal.

Fairtrade flowers are traceable back to the original farm; each certified farm must ensure safety and working conditions for their employees. A premium of 10% for every stem sold allows workers to invest in healthcare, education and other social benefits.

Click here to view and buy Fairtrade Poinsettias with free delivery via Interflora.