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Food waste: the figures

Infographic highlights the key numbers around food waste
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Globally, around 1-1.2 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year – and then there’s the associated pollution, money and energy that goes with it.

Arbtech, a UK-based ecological consultant, has created an infographic to highlight the issue of food waste – a problem it says ‘seems to fly under the radar all too often’.

This infographic below shows how much of a global issue food wastage is, as well as how we can do our bit at home to reduce the amount of food that goes to waste.

‘When you consider around 30-50% of all food goes to waste, it makes you think about what you could do with all that food when there are so many people starving around the world. We have produced a number of infographics about a number of topics, including fracking, fossil fuels and vegetarianism, as we like to produce content around various ecological themes.’


Arbtech conducts surveys of land on which people might want to build in order to assess the effect on the local ecology. After surveying anything from trees to bats and badgers, Arbtech makes suggestions to the potential builders to ensure minimal disruption to the site’s ecology.


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