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Safia Minney MBE and friends launch REAL Sustainability Centre
Safia Minney launches REAL

Main image: Safia Minney, by Odi Caspi

The REAL (Regeneration through Education, Action and Leadership) Sustainability Centre is an information and activation hub that has been launched to cut through the noise around sustainability.

Live and lead sustainably

REAL is the brainchild of activist, social entrepreneur and all-round Superwoman Safia Minney MBE, founder and former global CEO of pioneering sustainable fashion brand People Tree.

‘28 years ago, pretty much to the day, I launched Global Village in Japan, a campaigning organisation on social and environmental issues, from which People Tree, our sustainable and fair trade food and fashion brand started’, Safia tells us.

‘Real Sustainability will offer advice and tips on how to live and lead more sustainably. My only wish is that we had acted then, rather than waiting until now’, Safia adds.

‘We must all do our bit’

Safia is an award-winning social entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience in building sustainable business and supporting ethical consumerism. She has authored nine books and advised fashion companies. Her goal with REAL is to offer practical, inspiring and trusted content on sustainable living and leadership.

‘Working with protestors in the street and business people inspired by good sense, the science, XR and the school strikes, we have the chance to create the kind of society that we have dreamt of living in.

‘Rob Hopkins’ book, What IF? visualises this so well, and there are initiatives that show that we can all do our bit whilst keeping the pressure up on governments and business to bring bold legislation. Without it, humanity will not survive the crisis that is unfurling.

‘We must all do our bit, and be the best leaders that we can possibly be. The act of living is political and we are not short of ideas and resolve.’

Ethical entrepreneur and founder of REAL Sustainability Centre

Education, action and leadership

Speaking to both individuals and business leaders, REAL will curate and comment on the best available knowledge on activism, beauty, energy, fashion, food and drink, home, money, technology, travel and wellbeing.

REAL has been founded and supported by key thought leaders and institutions, including educator and broadcaster Caryn Franklin, award-winning editor Judy Cooper and sustainable fashion commentator and former fashion editor for the Metro newspaper, Bel Jacobs.

Education, action and leadership

‘I am supporting Safia and REAL sustainability because we need education, action and good leadership now to address the climate crisis and I cannot think of a better person to drive through this change’, Bel explains.

‘This site empowers those of us who want to be part of the solution not the problem. I’m learning a lot from the excellent content already’, Caryn says.

REAL Sustainability Centre launched on 05 December, UN World Soil Day and International Volunteer Day. The date was chosen in celebration of the power of protesters – school children and adults alike – who have been the missing ingredient to telling the truth about the climate emergency.

Click here to visit the REAL Sustainability Centre.

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