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Hedgehog-friendly gardens

How to nurture wildflower havens to protect the future of Britain’s declining hedgehog population
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Hedgehog-friendly gardening

Non-profit wildflower specialist Seedball, a My Green Pod Hero and P.E.A. Award winner, has teamed up with People’s Trust for Endangered Species to develop a special wildflower seed mix that will help to grow hedgehog-friendly habitats to support the struggling population.

There were an estimated 36.5 million hedgehogs in Britain in the 1950s; the number plummeted to around 1.5 million in 1995 and has continued to decline severely.

Hedgehogs are classed as an indicator species which means a decline in their species indicates a decline in the quality of the environment and the health of the natural world.

How to help hedgehogs

Anyone with a garden can help make a difference to the plight of hedgehogs by being aware of the obstacles they face.

These include impermeable garden borders like walls and fencing, busy roads and minimalistic garden designs with little space to forage.

Gardeners can help hedgehogs by leaving small holes in fences and borders so they can move around – 13cm is the perfect hedgehog-sized hole.

Also, providing water for them to drink will help keep them hydrated, and leaving an area for them to hide in such as a log pile will help to attract beetles, which hedgehogs love to eat.

A wildflower patch can make a beautiful hedgehog-friendly addition to a garden as it provides essential shelter and attracts insects such as beetles and worms for them to feed on.

Habitats for hedgehogs

The experts at Seedball have made it easy to create a wildflower patch at home by creating a range of unique, peat-free balls containing wildflower seeds that transform outdoor spaces – whether meadows or plant pots – into seas of beautiful flowers that not only look good but do good, too.

There is a selection of mixes to choose from that all benefit native species including bees, beetles, birds, bats, butterflies and hedgehogs.

The hedgehog mix has been specially developed to create hedgehog havens by attracting them, and the insects they feed on.

‘Hedgehogs are such well-loved and wonderful creatures, we simply cannot let their numbers dwindle any further. Working closely with People’s Trust for Endangered Species means we can  help people to grow beautiful wildflower habitats for hedgehogs and other wildlife to roam but also support their essential conservation work.’

Co-founder of Seedball

Hedgehog-friendly flowers

Each tin of Hedgehog Mix contains 20 seed balls, enough to cover 1 metre square in a garden bed or three to five medium-sized pots.

Each of the seed balls contains approximately 30 seeds, with a mix of yellow rattle, wild carrot, birdsfoot trefoil, tufted vetch, self heal and poppy.

This combination of colourful wildflowers will create an area irresistible to hedgehogs and their prey, and proceeds from the hedgehog mix go to People’s Trust for Endangered Species to support their ongoing conservation work.

Seedball is passionate about curating vibrant flourishes of flowers easier for everyone, whilst giving a home to depleting wildlife and pollinators.

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