What you need to know about CBD oil and why it’s taking the food and health sectors by storm

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Humans have been using hemp for over 10,000 years; it’s found in everything from buildings and clothes to food and medicine. The popularity of CBD, which occurs naturally in the Cannabis sativa plant, has recently sky-rocketed: its fan club is now dominated by A-listers and a rising wave of individuals who seek natural solutions to old problems.

It’s no surprise to hear Patrick say ‘everyone should try má CBD oil’, but this isn’t just a marketing line – he’s got a point. ‘How CBD works and what people use it for can vary wildly from person to person’, he explains.

Ingesting CBD

CBD drops allow customers to ingest the oil; the drops can be added to drinks or food, or even mixed into moisturising creams or massage oils.

Just like wine or olive oil, CBD oils vary greatly. In addition to variations in size, potency and suggested serving sizes, different producers use different growers, different plant strains and different extraction methods, which will all affect the finished product.

‘We seek out the best growers, using the purest and most natural extraction techniques’, Patrick tells us. ‘We only use premium oil suppliers that extract the CBD oil using a natural CO2 process, rather than any nasty chemicals. Our hemp plants are also 100% organic. We have developed our vaping liquids to deliver the most relaxing effects that they can.’

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Most people report feeling the relaxing effects of má CBD instantly, but it’s also thought that building up the number of oil drops steadily over a few weeks increases potential benefits to your health and wellbeing.

‘We’re not doctors, and there aren’t enough clinical studies on CBD to give any definitive information’, Patrick tells us. ‘We can only use anecdotal evidence. The most common advice is to start with one or two oil drops or a few vape inhalations to discover for yourself the best levels for optimum tolerance and efficacy. If you are taking any prescription medication it is always worth checking with your GP before you start taking CDB oil on a regular basis.’