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Jarvis Smith

This article first appeared in our summer ’18 issue of MyGreenPod Magazine, The Natural Revolution, distributed with the Guardian on 03 Aug 2018. Click here to subscribe to our digital edition and get each issue delivered straight to your inbox

It’s possible that in the last 10 years our publications – the biggest ethical lifestyle magazines in Europe, including National Geographic GREEN and MyGreenPod Magazine – have reached tens of millions of people.

I’ve always done the things people have told me will never work. I don’t let case studies and tried and tested routes to market dictate what I do; I simply trust what I am being guided to do and act on it.

On the journey I have had the pleasure of meeting the most incredible human beings who run and work in ethical businesses and organisations. As well as becoming supporters of what we do, they’ve also become friends and part of Gaia’s support team. I believe it’s a network of Earth Ambassadors.

The mass wakeup

As well as having a handle on what needs to change, this network’s doing something about it. We have joined the dots and made a dash to offer conscious products and services to consumers, knowing that they will help to deliver bigger, deeper changes.

We’re in the middle of a huge shift, especially in human consciousness. Thanks in large part to Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II, people are waking from the slumber and want to effect change.

Yet most people stimulated in this way haven’t quite joined the dots and made the dash. They may be having a plastic-free week, which in itself is a breakthrough, but when the dots are fully joined I’ve seen people become superheroes; they want to change the world they live in for ever.

Peace and love

Massive socially impactful changes tend to come from one individual: one person who has managed to acknowledge and accept their superpowers (and we all have them – have you considered what yours is?) and become a superhero.

My favourite two Earth-walking change-makers are Gandhi and Bob Marley; one promoted equality with peace and the other diversity with love. Peace and love are two of the absolute finest qualities a human being can live.

This might all sound a bit hippy, but watch out because hippies are taking over!
You only have to look at the founders of Pukka to see hippies are now hip and driving the change needed in the global empire’s board rooms.

So as you begin your journey back to peace and love, please be conscious about joining more dots – and then dash to make it happen.

Dots and dashes

First we have to live the change, and then we can lead with confidence and joy by example. How to join the dots goes a bit like this…

  • DOT: Cut down on plastic because it’s damaging our oceans.
  • DOT: Stop buying plastics all together – but that requires changing a lot of things I buy. Hmmm…
  • DOT: By changing what I buy, I can support companies doing good in my world and stop funding those that don’t.
  • DASH: Now I can feel good about myself because I’m making conscious decisions that are helping my family, friends and the planet.
  • DASH: I know, let’s ask them to do the same! We can make a bigger impact by doing these things together.
  • DASH: But what else can I do?
  • DOT: Eating organic food is good for my health and supports the soil it grows in. This is good for the planet, too!
  • DOT: Using clean, natural products means I’m not harming my skin or body; choosing eco-friendly cleaning products means I’m not damaging the Earth, water or seas.
  • DOT: Supporting a 100% renewable energy company would create new jobs and help the shift away from our dependence on dirty and finite fossil fuels.

Now I can feel really good about myself: I’ve made a shift that was easy – but if everyone in the UK joined in, we would change the world.

Jarvis Smith at the Bob Marley museum, Jamaica
Jarvis Smith at the Bob Marley museum, Jamaica


Jarvis is currently helping people to tap into their superhuman powers so they can help change the world.

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