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Kickstarting ethical packaging

Help Glastonbury company Vivo Life switch to 100% home compostable packaging
Vivo Perform

Vivo Life, a Glastonbury-based vegan health and fitness supplement company, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help it create its zero waste, 100% home compostable packaging.

Vivo Life is famed for creating award-winning plant-based supplements that don’t cost the Earth, including My Green Pod Hero Vivo Perform, a plant-based protein powder. The Glastonbury-based company is now looking to ditch its plastic packaging and replace it with a home compostable alternative, which breaks down in food waste bins or in your back garden in less than 12 months.

Speeding up the shift

In order to fund the first production run of this new packaging, Vivo Life has launched a Kickstarter campaign to speed up its eco-friendly journey and ensure it can implement this positive change as quickly as possible.

Rewards start at just £12, so you can support this great shift while getting a good discount on products we’re sure you’ll love: Vivo Magic Adaptogenic Mushroom Latte, Vivo Perform Raw Plant Based Protein and Vivo Thrive Living Multinutrient.

Click here to find out more about the Vivo Kickstarter campaign and how to get involved

Vivo Life operates from a warehouse powered by renewable energy and plants one tree for every order it receives on its website. This move to compostable packaging is another step forward in the company’s mission to help safeguard the planet and all the living beings that call it home.

‘We’re a business that is serious about sustainability, so we’re hugely excited to be able to bring this 100% home compostable packaging to the health and fitness industry. Collectively, responsible plastic use is one of the biggest changes we can make for the future of our planet and we believe it is the responsibility of businesses like ours to stand up and take action.

‘As an independent business, this Kickstarter will enable us to bring this compostable product to market as quickly as possible and help bring about this important change much faster. Through our Kickstarter, people will be able to pre-order a home compostable product, at a discounted rate, and we’ll also be planting a tree for every backer to help aid reforestation and agroforestry. We’re truly hoping to reach our target as quickly as possible to enable us to bring our sustainable packaging alternative to life.’

Co-founder of Vivo Life

Click here to support the Vivo Life Kickstarter campaign.

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