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Make the world Greta again

New VICE documentary gains unique access to youth climate protesters
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Make the World Greta Again

As youth climate protests gain momentum all over the world, VICE has taken a behind-the-scenes look at the young strike organisers as they orchestrate their first global climate protest in a new 30-minute documentary, Make The World Greta Again.

Realising her generation will not have a future unless the world’s politicians act now on climate change, 15-year-old Greta Thunberg skipped school in August 2018 to protest outside the Swedish parliament.

Global momentum

What started as a one-person strike soon gained global momentum. The first global school strike for climate took place on 15 March 2019, and attracted 1.6 million students in more than 125 countries and every continent in the world.

This new VICE documentary follows Greta and her fellow student organisers from across Europe in the run-up to that protest, as they strive to build an international movement and educate politicians, and the general public, on the realities of the climate crisis before it’s too late.

It follows them being heckled by MEPs at the European Parliament, looks at how they balance their school life with the increased media attention and documents how the student protest leaders meet each other for the very first time.

‘We are facing an existential crisis. The biggest crisis humanity has ever faced and yet it has been ignored for decades by those who knew about it. We are the young, we have not contributed to this crisis. We have just been born into this world and suddenly there was a crisis ahead of us that we have to live with. That we’ll have to live with for our entire lives and our kids, grandkids and all the future generations and we will not accept it. We won’t let it happen so that’s why we’re protesting.’


Interviews with protest leaders

Featuring interviews with European youth protest leaders, Greta Thunberg (16, Sweden), Luisa Neubauer (22, Fridays For Future Germany), Anna Taylor (18, UK Student Climate Network, UK), Scarlet Possnett (15, UK Student Climate Network, UK), Anuna De Wever (17, Youth For Climate, Belgium) and Luka De Wever (17, Youth For Climate, Belgium), VICE gains unprecedented access to the young activists as they cement a worldwide movement.”>Click here to see Greta Thunberg’s first cover shoot for VICE.

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