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Plastic-free solutions

The world’s first PlasticFreeLand™ is set to debut in London, showcasing everyday solutions that are ready to use
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod

Opening tomorrow (11 September), PlasticFreeLand™ will offer a tangible vision of a plastic-free world that is ready to be realised today. It is the brainchild of global campaign group A Plastic Planet, the force behind the Plastic Free Aisle campaign.

Londoners can visit PlasticFreeLand™ at the Packaging Innovations show at Olympia on 11 and 12 September. A Plastic Planet campaigners say entering PlasticFreeLand™ is like walking into another world.

Plastic-free solutions

Visitors to PlasticFreeLand™ will discover new plastic-free solutions using pioneering new biomaterials and innovative ideas using paper and cartonboard.

All the plastic-free solutions on show are ready to be used by consumers today.

The show brings together eight major exhibitors providing a tantalising look at what a plastic-free future would look like for shoppers across the UK and beyond.

Many are exhibiting for the first time, keen to be part of a whole community of change makers.

The entire edifice of PlasticFreeLand™ is built out of Cygnus EcoBoard by Swanline Paper.

‘We are very proud to welcome people to PlasticFreeLand™ – a bold vision that shows it is already possible to turn off the plastic tap.

‘We wanted to create a truly visionary space championing some of the world’s most pioneering material manufacturers.

‘Stepping into PlasticFreeLand™ will feel like taking a time machine to the future. But the best bit is it is a future that we needn’t wait a single second for.’

A Plastic Planet co-founder

Alternative packaging

Those everyday food and drink items that for so long have been encased in thick plastic will be presented in alternative fully compostable flexible packaging provided by TIPA.

Sirane will demonstrate how complex plastic laminates and flexibles can be replaced with nature-friendly materials.

Reel Brands will showcase its range of cardboard-based solutions for traditionally non-recyclable goods, including the REELtray; a water and grease resistant pop-up cardboard box.

Flexi-Hex will show their revolutionary corrugate solutions that originated from packaging surfboards.

Maistic will display its full range of plastic-free household products, using new bio-materials.

The Plastic Free Trust Mark

Control Union (CU), the international certification body, will also be present as its partnership with A Plastic Planet launches in September.

CU will be collaborating on the further rollout of A Plastic Planet’s Plastic Free Trust Mark for packaging and materials. Over 100 brands have already applied to proudly carry the Trust Mark on their products.

The show is one of a series of international events that attract some 100,000 visitors worldwide.

Click here to read our article about London’s Plastic Free Aisle.

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