The UK’s first nursery to grow a commercially potted crop in a recyclable pot

The horticultural industry is part of the battle against single-use plastics: in August, plans were announced to introduce the first kerbside recyclable plant pots in 2019, which will completely replace the current black plastic pots that cannot be recycled.

In recent weeks, one nursery has worked tirelessly to bring this date forward. Hillier Nurseries in Hampshire took delivery of its first pots last week, making it the first nursery in the UK to grow a commercially potted crop in a recyclable pot.

Hillier plants will be the first product through any UK retailer to be available in a kerbside recyclable pot, giving customers the environmentally friendly option they’ve been looking for.

The new taupe kerbside recyclable plant pot will be used across the entire Hillier wholesale nursery business, replacing the old black plastic pot.

The problem with plant pots

Currently 76% of Local Authorities collect pots, tubs and trays as part of their kerbside recycling schemes – but not many collect the black plant pots.

This is because the plant pots contain carbon black pigment which absorbs Infra-Red from detection systems, hindering recycling. The new pot will solve this problem by using a carbon black pigment-free polypropylene.