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Reset Connect

The event driving sustainability through collaboration to close the green funding gap
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Low-angle view of the Lloyds of London building, with a tree and blue sky

The first 50 speakers have been announced for the UK’s largest sustainability and green finance event.

Reset Connect London (28-29 June 2022 at ExCeL London) will bridge the gap between business leaders, sustainability changemakers, innovators and investors in a bid to speed up the transition to a green economy.

Taking place as part of London Climate Action Week, the event will connect investors, startups and sustainability professionals and make present and future net-zero and low-carbon technologies easier to finance.

Growing the green economy

The event will showcase sustainability solutions for business, support new startups and innovations in climate tech and bring together leaders from across government, business and the finance communities to discuss and collaborate on actionable steps to accelerate the pathway to net zero.

It is an opportunity for policy makers, government leaders, large corporates, technology providers, purpose-led brands and entrepreneurs to network, find sustainable low-carbon solutions and providers and investigate opportunities for funding through institutional and impact investors, private equity and venture capital and the financial adviser community. 

‘By bringing together leaders from across the UK business and finance sectors as well as the business owners and sustainability professionals responsible for adopting net-zero initiatives, we hope to help grow both the green economy and job opportunities.’

CEO and founder of Reset Connect

Our natural assets

The speakers – from Schneider Electric, Rolls-Royce, Financial Conduct Authority, UK Infrastructure Bank & UK CCIC and more – will discuss how we can achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, opportunities in sustainable investment and green finance, plus methods for creating sustainable cities. 

With more than half of global GDP dependent on nature, Reset Connect’s organisers say we must take account of the natural assets we depend on when making decisions in business and government.

With this attitude we can work together to develop methods and technologies that will help us to transition to a green economy.

The conference programme is set to spark powerful discussions and insights. Following COP26 last year, this is a huge opportunity for leaders to drive momentum into business and investment strategies with net zero at its heart. The programme will see panel discussions, keynote addresses and talks from over 100 speakers.

Click here for more information about the event and its programme.

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