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Spring skincare

Dr Mariano Spiezia on how to nourish the skin and nurture the soul this spring

Aren’t we the mirror of our surroundings?

Spring is a very special time of the solar year. As the available sunlight lengthens and intensifies, I often find myself daydreaming about the extraordinary transformation that must occur for plants, soil, animals and us humans in order for us to keep up with the change.

As you may know, the change of the seasons is related to the fact that, rather than being vertically orientated, the Earth’s axis is at a 23.5 degree tilt. The northern end of the axis points towards the North Star as the planet revolves around the sun. This tilt, combined with the revolution, is responsible for seasonal changes.

Between winter and spring, the sun slowly moves up in our sky until it reaches a point where both day and night are 12 hours long. This particular day, which occurs around 21 March, is called the spring (or ‘vernal’) equinox.

The role of light

Our beautiful light plays an important role in determining the metabolic changes in plants, animals and humans. In plants, stems are attracted to the light and turn towards the origin of life in a phenomenon called phototropism.

In animals and humans the light is managed by a supra-chiasmatic nucleus (circadian pacemaker) located in the hypothalamus of the brain. It produces what is called the circadian cycle – or internal clock – that governs the rhythm of sleep, mood, behaviour, heart rate, metabolism, alertness, melatonin production, fertility and so on.

The spring awakening

This is why during the ‘spring awakening’ birds feel the urge to migrate or nest to prolong the lineage; animals start their mating ceremonies and males start to fight to get the girls’ attention.

And what happens to us humans? The winter blues gently disappear, life seems to flow back into our blood, new ideas and energies start fermenting in our brain and we experience a feeling of power and a desire to explore new horizons. Our soul feels the need to expand and embark on new journeys.

It’s now the time to walk in silence by the seashore, woodlands and mountains and be nurtured and inspired.

Expelling toxins

From a biological point of view our metabolism changes, activating the cleansing and detox process: toxins, like mud in a pond, are set in motion by spring’s fiery energy. They’re moved out and expelled through the liver, kidney and bowel – our emunctory organs.

The skin also plays a critical role in this detox process: it brings to the surface what was hidden underneath during hibernation in winter. The skin changes its metabolism, increasing the pace of cell regeneration and even modifying its epidermal chemistry.

In light of these changes, cleansing the body, skin and soul helps to align our lives to the season and make the most of its fresh energy.

Spring clean and detox

Follow Dr Spiezia’s simple steps for a full spring detox!

  • Cleanse and revive the skin morning and evening with a pure, active, organic cleanser like Inlight Face Cleanser.
  • Twice a week, use a face mask with powerful antioxidants such as spirulina and barley grass.
  • When you’re in the shower or bath, rub the skin with a natural fibre cloth to get rid of dead cells and reactivate the blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • Feed the skin with a nourishing and synthetic-free body oil that’s packed with nutrients.

  • For an internal cleanse, drink detoxifying herbal teas (nettle and burdock are the masters).
  • Drastically reduce your consumption of animal protein and dairy, and make sure you get a daily dose of raw organic seasonal veg. Avoid junk food and sweetened or alcoholic drinks completely!

Click here to find out more about Inlight organic skincare and the alchemical processes behind the products.

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