All Bar One pledges to ditch plastic straws across all its 52 bars

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Published: 15 June 2017

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All Bar One has announced a pledge to end the use of plastic straws across all its bars, kicking off its #strawssuck campaign.

The bar chain is calling on other bars and businesses to get involved and join the commitment, and asking customers to support the shift.

On a company blog, All Bar One states, ‘We need your help, we can’t make this happen without you, the change starts with how you enjoy your drinks and we ask that when you do, you don’t ask for a straw. Let’s all work towards making a difference and get rid of plastic straws for good.’

‘That’s a lot of plastic!’

The bar brand, which buys 4.7 million straws a year, currently serves straws in 25% of its drinks, using an average of 1,600 straws a week per bar (about 13,000 a day as a brand).

‘Over the next year we’re going to reduce our straw usage by a third. But why we hear you ask… Because we know how incredibly harmful plastic straws are to animals and the environment. Did you know just one straw, yes one, takes 500 years to decompose? Add that up over one Friday night in our bars and that’s a lot of plastic!’


The nationwide phase out started yesterday (14 June) and will see plastic straws either removed entirely from drinks served in the chain’s 52 bars or replaced with an environmentally friendly alternative.

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