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Published: 6 March 2015

This Article was Written by: Katie Hill - My Green Pod


The Universe Story takes us right back to the beginning: starting with the Big Bang and the origin of the universe 13.8 million years ago, it traces the creation of stars and planets, the evolution of life and, finally, our human story on Earth – as revealed by science.

On 14 March, speakers Greg Morter, Maddy Harland, Elisabet Sahtouris and the event’s chair, Chris Clarke, will help to explain this amazing story from start to finish at The Universe Story Event, at CLSG, Barbican, London.

‘The story of the Universe is the epic unfolding of the world, an evolutionary tale of awesome scope. It speaks of unity and diversity, of desire and curiosity, of wonder and awe. It speaks of creativity and imagination, of death, destruction and transformation. It is the story of science. It is the story of spirit. It is the story of all beings, extinct, present and yet to be born. It is a sacred story of magical unfolding, a story that is still being told in you and me, now. It is a story, once known, that has the power to inspire our species into becoming the species we were born to be.’

Greg Morter and Niamh Brennan, The Universe Story: In Science and Myth

The Ecozoic Era

Those attending will learn how we can we can align ourselves with evolutionary processes – and the many was in which this would benefit all humans, living beings and the planet itself.

The speakers will also offer insights about how we can ground these ideas in our everyday lives and to help bring into being the ‘Ecozoic Era’.

There will also be eco-poetry from Helen Moore and the opportunity to get creative and discuss the ideas presented during the day in the World Café.

Standard tickets cost £43.05, and a limited number of reduced priced tickets for school and college students are available for £16.55 each. Click here to book your tickets for the day.

Chris Clarke, Chair

Chris Clarke was Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Southampton from 1986 to 1999; since then he has been an independent consultant on science and spirituality.

Chris first encountered the Universe Story as a physicist when he was analysing the early universe. Inspired by the work of Matthew Fox, he left Southampton University to write freelance; his book Weaving the Cosmos focuses on the Universe Story.

Chris is currently exploring the feminine archetype of Wisdom, found in many ages and cultures, as a path for integrating spirituality with the science of the cosmos.

Greg Morter

A brief history of everything: from the origin of the Universe to the present day, in six surprising steps

Greg Morter, co-writer of The Universe Story: In Science and Myth, runs Universe Story weekend walks that trace the evolution of the universe from the Big Bang to the present day.

Each metre covered on the walk – across nine miles of beautiful Somerset countryside, with two nights spent in tents in a quiet field under a starry sky – represents a million years in time.

Greg has been teaching The Universe Story this way since 2009, and his deep knowledge of the science of the universe makes his walks both inspiring and entertaining.

Elisabet Sahtouris

The Evolution of Cooperation and Transformation

Will we learn from Nature’s amazing four billion years of experience in creating healthy living systems to give ourselves the future of which we dream?

Elisabet is an internationally known evolution biologist, futurist, speaker and author of EarthDance: Living Systems in Evolution, A Walk Through Time: From Stardust to Us and Biology Revisioned, with Willis Harman.

Elisabet will explain how our planet Earth is a self-regulating living system and part of an evolving universe, and will provide insights that can help us steer through the rapid changes we are experiencing today.

Drawing from her knowledge of Nature’s formulas for success, Elisabet will reveal some of the ways in which we can align ourselves with the evolutionary process — such as moving from a competitive approach to one of cooperation — so that all species, including our own, can thrive in a cooperative ‘ecosophy’. In this wisdom society, our human economy fits harmoniously into our Earth’s ecology.

Maddy Harland

Transformational Heresy – permaculture and beyond

Our ancestors, who relied on their understanding of the land for their survival, held a worldview that acknowledged and celebrated their fundamental interconnection with the natural world.

The industrial revolution and our post-industrial society have severed that link and our disconnection is reflected in our agricultural, pharmaceutical, energy and business practices.

Maddy is editor and co-founder of Permaculture, an international quarterly magazine that covers all aspects of sustainable living. During her talk she will explain permaculture design and ground the ideas behind it with examples from around the world.

These projects demonstrate how we can once again embrace our profound ecological connection and become a ‘communion of subjects, not a collection of objects’.

Click here to view the full programme for The Universe Story Event. Tickets can be bought here.

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