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Tideford has turned

Are its new soups and sauces ‘the tastiest and most ethical’ on the market?
Tideford has turned

Trust Einstein to be ahead of the game. Back in 1954 he famously observed ‘It always seems to me that man was not born to be a carnivore’ – and all evidence to date suggests he was correct.

Films like Cowspiracy are now attracting mainstream attention while study after study reinforces the message that the best thing we can do for our own health – as well as that of the planet – is eat more veg and less meat.

Celebrities around the world – from Simon Cowell and Richard Branson to Jessica Simpson and Kate Moss – have endorsed Meat-Free Monday, and over 20,000 people took part in this year’s Veganuary, pledging to go vegan for the first month of the year. In 2013 ‘flexitarian’ was added to the Oxford English Dictionary to describe the growing group of people who have ‘a primarily vegetarian diet’ but occasionally eat meat or fish.


Collectively, these small changes make a big difference; according to Devon-based Tideford Organics, the environmental impact of everyone having one meat-free day a week is comparable with taking 240 million cars off the road, while skipping one burger saves enough energy to charge an iPhone for 4.5 years.

And then there are the health benefits: according to researchers at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, exchanging just a small amount of processed red meat for plant protein reduces the risk of early death by 34%.

Tideford Organics has been catering for specialist diets for over 20 years, and its skill at delivering pure ingredients in delicious packages is underlined by a jam-packed trophy cabinet.

So far this year the company has scored its second consecutive hat trick at the Taste of the West awards and bagged the Specialist Diet Product at the Soil Association’s annual BOOM Awards – and that’s just the top shelf.

Last year’s accolades include a Silver and Gold at 2015’s Food & Drink Devon Awards and winner of the Best Free-From category in the Your Healthy Living Product Awards.


Considering Tideford’s mission is to ‘change the world by making the tastiest and most ethical soups, sauces and misos on the market’, it was a very natural next step for the brand to start developing plant-based products.

This year it launched the UK’s first organic range of vegan soups, broths and sauces – all cooked from Tideford’s Devon kitchens.

‘We have always been an ethical company and producing healthy organic food is at the root everything we do’, explains Lynette Sinclair, managing director at Tideford Organics. ‘The mounting evidence showing the effect on the environment of mass-produced beef and dairy, combined with the impact of making small changes to a more plant-based diet, meant we felt compelled to make this change.’

The change is a welcome one that’s given us a delicious and colourful range of ‘Superfood Soups’ – from Smoky Tomato, Black Rice + Chilli to Beetroot + Curly Kale – plus Miso Broths infused with their own mix of nutrient-rich ingredients, including spirulina, kale, mirin and tamarin.

‘We were concerned at first that we wouldn’t be able to achieve the range of flavours’, Lynette admits, ‘but in fact it’s forced us to explore new ingredients. The Superfood recipes and Miso Broths we’ve launched are probably the healthiest and most delicious we have ever made.’

Gluten free and with no added sugar, these soups, broths and sauces are bursting with flavour and packed with gorgeous organic superfoods – perfect for flexitarians, coeliacs, vegans and meat-lovers alike. We suspect Tideford Organics will need to invest in a bigger trophy cabinet before the year’s out.

Take the pledge to eat more veg! Click here to view Tideford Organics’ full range.

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