EcoEgg Fresher For Longer Food Saver Bags – Large


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Waste less, eat more healthily and save money

  • Independently proven to work
  • Reusable up to ten times each
  • 25 bags in the kit
  • If you’re fed-up with throwing away fruit and vegetables which have gone bad before you’ve had a chance to eat them, then you are not alone We were too – so we went looking for the solution.

 Our Fresher For Longer bags are impregnated with a natural blend of minerals which slows down the decay process and keeps your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer.

 Proven to work

Independently, laboratory proven to work, you can rely on our Fresher For Longer Bags to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh for up to a third longer than normal.

 Easy to use and reusable

Just choose either medium or large size. They come on an easy dispenser roll and each bag can be reused up to ten times – so it’s like buying a roll of 250 bags!

Eat more healthily, waste less food and save money.

25 Large Bags

Weight 190 g


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