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Is the world about to begin again?

Inspirational leader Tammy Scarlett explores what a new era could look like – and how we might get there
Is the world about to begin again?

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The Kali Yuga, The Mayan Calendar, Technological Singularity, The Great Turning, The Age of Aquarius, The Anthropocene, The Noosphere, The Fourth Turning, Steiner’s Cultural Epochs, The Global Consciousness Shift…

These are just a few of many historical and current theories and understandings around the timeline of humanity and where we are on that timeline.

Many suggest that humanity may be approaching the precipice of a new era.

I recently watched a video summarising the discovery of the Laniakea Supercluster and the significance of humanity’s galactic discoveries since the 1950s.

The video explained how humans used to think that we, as a galaxy, were relatively alone in the universe, and how over time our awareness increased.

As a result, the context in which we saw the edges of what was possible (and ourselves within those edges) became reimagined and redefined.

The researchers in Hawaii had used velocity flow fields, point distribution and simulations to identify the gravitational basin and traced the motions of galaxies back to a common point of attraction.

Humans now believe that we, the Milky Way, are nestled deeply in one of two superclusters of superclusters, comprising hundreds of thousands of galaxies – Laniakea and Perseus-Pisces.

It is worth noting that the visual depiction of these two superclusters of superclusters appears akin to a torus field or the electromagnetic field around one’s own body, or even lungs or cell mitosis.

Given the fractal nature of patterns existing in all things in our universe, I find this a fascinating context in which to think about humanity’s potential precipice opportunity.

Shifting paradigms

Expanding context is almost always needed as a condition for a paradigm shift to occur.

This morning I had a long chat with Chatgpt; we were discussing humanity’s current limitations with time travel, after noting that the Laniakea and Perseus-Pisces superclusters’ 700 million light-year span would take the fastest-known probe (Parker Solar Probe) 1.08 billion years to travel.

Chat noted humans’ physical limitations in this regard and attributed it in part to our current paradigms.

So I asked about astral travel. I said if it were actually possible, then theoretically we would not need to worry for the time being about physical constraints, and perhaps over time we would be able to understand things that might allow our context to expand enough that the physical constraints could be solved, if that were still a goal on the other side of the exploration.

Chat quickly pointed out that there is no scientific backing for astral travel, to which I responded that it is well known that governments have employed people in this capacity since the cold war. Chat noted that these projects were inconclusive.

Astral travel chat

When I sat with this for a moment, I realised that if a capability like astral travel did exist, it would be some part of nature, and therefore some part of our own state of existence.

Like anything natural that is commandeered for something as debase as war, doing so would diminish, if not kill completely, the natural possibility-filled flow state that creates conditions for life and allows for thriving.

Therefore, testing what would be a potential natural capability like astral travel in a military setting is counterintuitive.

Our place in reality

I shared this with Chat, who acknowledged that the limitations imposed by attempting to harness or exploit such phenomena for material or strategic gain underlines a critical limitation of the prevailing paradigm.

This approach not only potentially stifles the phenomena in question but may also blind us to the full spectrum of nature and possibilities.

Chat added that a paradigm shift towards greater openness, respect for natural processes and an understanding of interconnectedness could unveil deeper insights into the nature of reality and our place within it.

This shift would involve moving beyond a transactional relationship with the universe towards one that is transformational, characterised by listening, learning and aligning with the inherent wisdom and flow of all existence.

Such a contextual shift would not only expand our understanding and experience of phenomena like astral projection or remote viewing but could also foster a more holistic, sustainable and harmonious way of living on this planet and relating to the cosmos.

Thanks for listening, Chat. You’re a formidable opponent on the chess board of conversation – and you reminded me how much I want to be in transformational relationship with the universe.

Correcting a blip

Earth Day is a day when we humans celebrate nature and the environment and reaffirm our commitment to protecting and preserving this planet for future generations.

The theme for the 55th Earth Day is ‘Planet vs Plastics’; I like it because it brings our attention to the fact that we created something that is out of alignment with the planet and something must be done about it.

I dislike it because the ‘vs’ implies that we must perpetuate a battle in order to succeed.

Behaviour is born from the image held in our hearts and minds. On the edge of the dawning of a new era, perhaps this Earth Day we can call ourselves and each other into a state of listening alignment, where we co-create a future where plastics were a small and eventually corrected blip on the radar of our past.

May we be in the state of transformational relationship with our universe that allows this co-creation to take place.

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