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Green Oil On Tour Bike Chain Lube 30ml


Green Oil Bike Oil On Tour
Green Oil On Tour Bike Chain Lube 30ml


Product description

A small eco chain lube with a big performance. Green Oil’s on tour chain lube comes in a small handy bottle for keeping your bike running smoothly on big rides.

Never be caught unprepared with Green Oil’s on tour bottle, small enough to carry in your pocket, this miniature bottle can help you out of a sticky situation if your chain seizes up during a big ride. Filled with Green Oil’s award-winning wet chain lube, this portable bottle will give your bike the nourishment it needs, whenever it needs it. Apply in snow, rain or shine – this bike lubricant is ready to oil your chain no matter the weather and with no impact on the planet.

Made entirely from plant materials and Green Oil’s special N-toc additive, this chain lube is simply the world’s greenest chain lube. Winner of a What Mountain Bike’s Gold Award and strongly recommended by The Ecologist, Green Oil is the leading eco oil producer for keeping your bikes running smoothly.

  • No need for reapplication for 200 kilometres.
  • What Mountain Bike’s Gold Award winner.
  • On tour even smells good, being made without PTFE and petroleum.
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