With a Panasonic battery & a Bosch motor, M+ series e-mopeds have a two-year warranty, with a three-year warranty for battery.

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  • Each charge gets you 50 miles at 30mph, or 65 miles at 15mph. Charged from a three-pin plug, it can go from empty to full in 3.5 hours.
  • No engine means less weight, so these electric mopeds are far more manoeuvrable and easier to handle.
  • Built-in GPS means your electric moped can be tracked wherever it is, improving security. Controlled from an app on your phone.

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EcoMove founders John and Teddy aren’t you’re usual motorbike sellers; this is a new technology, and they’ve created a new way of buying it.

With no engine and no tail pipe, the M+ electric moped is light and very manoeuvrable, weighing in at only 69kg. That’s about 40% less than its petrol cousin, and of course has none of its harmful carbon emissions.

This e-moped is clean and quick off the mark. It makes no sound and is bags of fun to drive. It’s ideal for using around our towns and cities; with a top speed of 29mph and range of 62 miles, it provides a hassle-free way to commute, socialise and everything in between. You can also drive your M+ electric moped in the bus lane, so there’s even less chance of arriving late!

It’s also very light on the pocket; in addition to the 20% government grant available, there’s no road tax to pay and it costs less than a 1p/mile to run. It’s also extremely reliable.

The new technology in this e-moped is opening up a whole new market for new users who want to adopt this form of carbon-free transportation. From doctors looking to speed up patient visits to students, commuters and professionals who want to make a quick site visit and get back to the office, it’s a clean and stress-free way to travel. Everyone who gets on one of EcoMove’s e-mopeds invariable gets off with a smile on their face.

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Battery voltage: 48 V
Charge: three-pin plug
Estimated range: 100 km
Battery weight: 11kg
Weight (with battery): 69kg
Battery unit: Panasonic/18650
Braking mode: 180mm dual-piston hydraulic disk brake – ABS
Electromotor: tailored motor by Bosch GmbH
Rated power: 1400W
Driving: NIU app standard

  • USB charging port
  • 360 degree LED lighting system
  • LCD dashboard
  • Steel frame with titanium-aluminium swing arm and ABS plastic panelling

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