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Hypervolt Smart EV Chargers

Cost-effective EV charging that saves you money by minimising energy use

Hypervolt EV Charger
  • Smart EV chargers, made in Britain.
  • iOS and Android apps, Alexa, solar and tariff charging.
  • Intuitive LED glow indicates charging modes to make life easy.
  • 5-star customer service; local, friendly, accessible and expert support.
  • Fastest charging speed for UK homes and compatible with all EVs.

Hypervolt is the smartest, fastest and greenest way to charge your EV from home, with numerous features to ensure the most cost-effective charging that minimises energy use.

The user-friendly app allows you to choose optimal EV charging times using its sophisticated charge management system.

Hypervolt is compatible with all the major EV brands and perfect for home and workplace charging. Each Hypervolt has its own internal computer and operating system, making this a truly smart way to charge.

iOS and Android apps tell you all you need to know about your energy usage, carbon and cost savings, letting you control the charger via a set of different modes.

Smart features include tariff charging, solar charging and Alexa integrations, intuitive LED glow to indicate charge modes and free software updates for life.

To make life easy for installers, Hypervolt comes with automated load management and in-built RCD protection. No earth rod is required, and it connects to wi-fi in seconds using Bluetooth.

Compatible with all EVs and charges at the fastest speeds possible for UK homes.

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