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London’s new private members club, designed around the power of plants, trees and inside forestry
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod

With three-quarters of the UK’s most polluted areas in their city, it might be time for Londoners to head indoors.

Arboretum is a new independent members’ club with plant life throughout – it has a ceiling garden, indoor forest and even a plant-powered deli.

The new co-working space uses the power of plants to increase productivity, wellbeing and mental health.

Launch exhibition

To mark the club’s launch, Arboretum is hosting a three-day exhibition in partnership with local plant nurseries and charities, as well as brands, companies and individuals who embody the spirit of sustainability and plant power.

The exhibition will detail exactly why Londoners need to work, think, recharge and play in the presence of plants. It will highlight the profound effect nature can have on us physically, psychologically and emotionally.

Adrian Houston, Dave Cornthwaite and Simon Jones will discuss the power of plant life and social responsibility in promoting better health, wellbeing and environments.

Exhibition details

Date: 12-14 April 2019
Times: Friday-Saturday: 10.00-22.00; Sunday: 11.00–18.00
Location: ARBORETUM, 2A Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 0HF

Entry is free for registered guests – click here for more.

ARBORETUM Exhibitors

Below are some of the artists, brands and institutions exhibiting across the three-day event.

Acelebrated fine artist and photographer, Adrian Houston’s nature-focused work has been featured widely and on one of the Discovery Channel’s highest-rated documentaries – Discovery People. Currently working on a series titled ‘A Portrait of the Tree’, Adrian Houston’s artistic project sees him producing works highlighting trees that have special meaning in our lives.

Askipper and ocean advocate dedicated to studying environmental challenges in the most remote parts of our planet. Emily is an international public speaker and advisor on issues relating to our ocean and future society.

Produced by OceanChangemakers, a meeting of minds with a goal to empower ocean ambassadors who believe in saving our oceans from threats such as plastic waste and pollution.

This London-based florist and house plant store focuses on the healing power of indoor plant life. Led by Fran Bailey, author of The Healing Power of Plants, this establishment has well-being at its core.

Adventurer, motivational speaker and all-round self-propelled YesMan, Dave Cornthwaite is a world record-breaking author, filmmaker and community leader.

A bespoke, intuitive combination of psychology, meditation, hypnotherapy, vibro-acoustics, movement, nature and arts. It’s a holistic approach for your personal and professional wellbeing.

This food start-up uses Fair Trade and Organic ingredients and is run by Jamie Oliver’s former senior nutritionist, Mary Lynch.

A certified-organic skincare brand, handcrafted in London, that champions upfront labelling and total transparency when it comes to ingredients.


Providers of sustainable vertical gardens with a strong belief in the connection between us and nature. Their whole aim is to bring pieces of it in to our increasingly urbanised lives.

Click here to find out how nature-inspired offices could make offices more productive.

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