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Conscious coffee

These plastic-free and compostable coffee pods make the perfect guilt-free stocking filler
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Conscious coffee

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Coffee capsule machines are a convenient way to ramp up the quality of homemade coffee – but aluminium and plastic capsules take up to 500 years to degrade.

52bn non-recyclable plastic coffee pods are expected to be produced globally by the end of 2020, and Nespresso® has confirmed it recycles just 26% of its UK capsules.

Statistics like these helped spur Blue Goose Coffee founders Lex Thornely and Nick Ratsey into action.

‘Seeing capsule waste firsthand in 2016, we were determined to create a range of eco capsules that tasted exceptional, giving pod users an easy, everyday swap away from aluminium and plastic capsules.

‘We’ve shown just how good capsule coffee can taste without compromising on our ethical approach to business and the environment.’

Blue Goose Coffee co-founder

Compostable coffee pods

Blue Goose Coffee capsules are made from starch and wood bark; when empty they can be placed in council food waste bins to be processed into compost or liquid fertiliser.

The GM-free pods are produced using renewable energy and packaged in sustainably sourced, recyclable FSC cardboard boxes, printed using vegetable inks and secured with plastic-free glue.

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Conscious Christmas coffee

As well as providing 10% more coffee than standard Nespresso® capsules, Blue Goose pods also contain speciality grade coffee, and growers are paid more than the Fairtrade Minimum Price.

All this makes the Blue Goose Eco Coffee Pod Collection (main image) a perfect conscious coffee gift this Christmas.


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It contains four great-tasting varieties of speciality arabica coffee pod: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Organic Peruvian, plus the UK’s only 100% chemical-free Swiss Water Decaf pod. The beans are decaffeinated without the production or use of manmade chemicals or solvents, meaning you get a wonderful cup of coffee without the caffeine hit or chemical trail.

Completing the lineup is the new Blue Goose Lungo coffee pod, crafted from speciality El Salvador and Brazil coffees.

Click here to view the full range of Blue Goose coffee.

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