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Earth-centred education

This personalised and global educational content is helping to inspire the next generation of changemakers
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
Earth-centred education

This article first appeared in our Earth Day special issue of My Green Pod Magazine, distributed with The Guardian on 22 April 2021. Click here to subscribe to our digital edition and get each issue delivered straight to your inbox

We know education in a mainstream school setting is assessed through grades and tests, but are we measuring how learners are applying information outside the classroom and in their communities?

Are we supporting each and every learner, and looking at the impact they make on their surroundings? Are we encouraging students to explore their curiosity, ask questions and find that one spark that creates a lifelong journey, fuelled by passion and a vision for a better world?

This is what education should – and can – be in this day and age. And here’s the secret: kids are more ready than the adults.

Inspiring learning

The problem is that we’re leaving children to do it for themselves, while we continue to use an outdated education system that simply measures a child’s memory on subjects that are not necessarily connected to their interests. There is little scope to explore passions that sit outside the curriculum.

The challenge is around curating content for pupils and giving teachers and parents the ability to guide and inspire their students to find that spark together.

Enter Belouga, a web-based platform with a mission to create a learning ecosystem that makes education impactful, accessible and equitable for all students worldwide.

Belouga is a content-streaming platform for students, teachers and parents, with registered users in over 120 countries. It hosts over 50,000 hours of educational lessons sourced from
partner organisations (including My Green Pod), filmmakers and educators, all aligned to subject areas, grade levels and standards.

To date, Belouga is also the worldwide leader in an educational curriculum aligned to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Introducing the SDGs has allowed students to recognise the relevance of what they are learning, and understand how to create action – even of the smallest kind.

Tailored content

All Belouga content is personalised to each learner, factoring in age, geographic location and interests. Students can also connect and collaborate with a global peer network.

Content in the Belouga library

This format gives every child the ability to explore the world from the palm of their hand, while sharing and reflecting with peers in a truly global learning experience.

In the run-up to Earth Day 2021, Belouga and My Green Pod have been creating numerous learning activities for students aged six to 18 years.

The content showcases the beauty of a sustainable world, while giving educators and parents the resources they need to bring learning to life for their students and children.

Inspiring change

Earth Day gives us a reason to celebrate and protect our planet, but this cannot be just one day per year.

By introducing global stories and movements to students, we will help them to learn and become changemakers for our planet.

The Belouga platform launched in 2017, and K–12 students, teachers, and administrators in 120 countries are registered and using the product.

With safety and security in mind, Belouga currently only allows teachers, parents and students under 18 years old to register for the site.

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