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Eco Lifestyle Awards

Plastic free and planet positive: The Beauty Shortlist launches new Eco Lifestyle Awards for 2021
Beauty Shortlist Eco Lifestyle Awards 2021

The first ever global Beauty Shortlist Eco Lifestyle Awards will shine the spotlight on the brightest, most sustainable and solution-orientated Earth-friendly brands on Tuesday 02 March 2021.

Entries for the 2021 Eco Awards are now open; the entry deadline is Friday 06 November 2020.

Beauty Shortlist Eco Awards

Categories for the new Eco Lifestyle Awards are:

  • Green Home
  • Green Kitchen
  • Eco Garden
  • Ocean & Forest Protection
  • Waterless Beauty
  • Sustainability
  • Eco Solutions & Innovation
  • Consumer Awareness
  • Ethical Sourcing
  • Give-Back Brands (Plant-a-tree, 1% for the Planet)
  • ‘Clean’ Cleaning & Laundry Products
  • Plastic-Free
  • Reusable, Refillable & Recyclable
  • Zero Waste & Zero Trace
  • Eco Packaging Innovation

Click here for more information and to get your entry form.  

‘These new Eco Awards are all about encouraging consumers to lead a much less throwaway lifestyle – choosing planet-friendly, recyclable, zero-waste products that help protect our collective home, our planet, instead.’

Founder, Beauty Shortlist Eco Lifestyle Awards

Planet-positive products

The awards will be judged by a select panel of green living experts including Katie Hill, co-founder of conscious lifestyle magazine My Green Pod, and eco lifestyle and zero waste advocate Bryanna Martonis, founder of The Eco Logical. 

The US panel includes freelance green beauty editor Jessica Ourisman (Beauty Stoned, Mind Body Green). 

‘As well as showcasing the most planet-positive products of the year across all sectors (not just beauty), the Beauty Shortlist Eco Lifestyle Awards will honour the change-making brands that should be a natural part of our everyday lives, without a second thought.

‘When you buy an eco-friendly product, you’re investing in a cleaner, healthier, safer home and planet – it’s the ultimate win-win.’

Founder, Beauty Shortlist Eco Lifestyle Awards

Founded by beauty and wellbeing journalist Fiona Klonarides and now in their 11th year, the original Beauty Shortlist Awards have championed natural and organic since day one, going global in 2017.

The Awards remain 100% sponsor free and provide a level playing field for big household names and indie artisan brands alike.

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