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World-first adjustable period pants are inspired by nature and celebrate all bodies
Katie Hill - Editor-in-Chief, My Green Pod
WUKA Flex in three skin shades

WUKA Flex, the world’s first adjustable period pants from WUKA, is now available in three new natural shades to complement all skin tones.
WUKA’s first ever colour range is inspired by the beauty of natural bodies, of nature and of the natural cycles they both go through.

WUKA’s new tones are here to celebrate the menstrual cycle’s connection with nature; just as nature changes, so do our bodies.

Inclusivity and body positivity

Now available in sand (a light beige), peppercorn (a subtle brown) and chocolate plum (a rich brown) as well as the classic WUKA black, the new colour range suits all skin tones and perfectly chimes with the Flex philosophy of adjusting to any body.
The sand option is perfect to wear under lighter clothing this summer and wedding season, while the gussets of all new colours remain dark – black in the peppercorn and chocolate plum shades and grey in the sand shade – to ensure people on their periods continue to feel secure in their flow.

‘We listen to our customers and take feedback on board. Recent demand has resulted in these three beautiful new shades. We continually champion inclusivity and body positivity here at WUKA, with the WUKA Flex being the period pant most suited to changing bodies, so it made sense to choose this product for our new colour collection.
‘We love that the colours reflect the range of bodies that make up our WUKA customers. We also wanted to draw upon the hues of nature when choosing the shades as nothing is more natural than a period and celebrating bodies of all colours, shapes and sizes!’

CEO and co-founder of WUKA

Adjustable sizes

The WUKA Flex comes with detachable clasps and adjustable straps, designed to allow you to quickly change your period pants without the need to undress, whatever your location or lifestyle, and adapting to a changing body, eliminating the need to invest in multiple sizes.
Priced from £15.99 per pair and available in bikini-style, WUKA Flex comes in two designs: one with a detachable strap made with super soft sustainably sourced BCI cotton, and one featuring the signature WUKA logo on a non-detachable strap and made with sustainable organic cotton. Both styles cater for medium and heavy flows.
Both designs come in two adjustable size ranges, covering four sizes each and eight in total: XS-L and XL-4XL. Never has it been easier to get your size right!

How to use period pants

Period-proof underwear like WUKA Flex completely replaces the need for disposable pads, tampons and pantyliners – simply pack away, wear, change, wash and reuse!

The side sliders on WUKA Flex create a perfect customisable fit, ideal for growing teens, changing bodies and those who experience bloating.

Detachable side clasps make these period pants easy to change in small spaces like public toilets, between meetings, at festivals or when travelling. They’re also great for those with disabilities or being cared for by others.

The absorbent gusset wicks away period blood, removes the risk of leaks and eliminates odour. The period pants can be worn for up to eight hours at a time.

They’re quick drying and free from toxins and nasty chemicals.

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