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Get ready to Grow Wild

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Grow Wild is aiming to create over one million square metres of wild flowers in spring 2015 in one of the UK’s biggest ever seed sowing campaigns.

It has thousands of free seed kits to share so people can transform their local spaces into beautiful, inspiring and colourful wild flower havens.

Guerrilla gardening – there are guerrillas in our midst, and they’re changing the urban landscape

Get your seeds

There are 120,000 free kits up for grabs – all you need to do is register by filling in a simple two-minute form. You’ll receive native wild flower seeds to share with people in your formal and informal groups, from activity clubs and societies to work places, schools and neighbourhoods.

Registration closes at midnight on 14 February 2015 and the kits will be sent out in late March, just in time for spring sowing.

The 3,700 group leaders who received spring 2014 kits can register again for Grow Wild’s spring 2015 kits.

Three reasons to join

The exclusive seed kits are designed to help your groups grow beautiful, colourful wild flowers, which will be a haven for bees, butterflies and birds. As well as the fun of sowing the seeds, there’s the huge intrigue of seeing plants grow and flower through summer.

You’ll get outside to enjoy some healthy outdoor activity, learn new skills and show it’s possible to make a real difference to where you live. It’s a great way of bringing a bit more wildness into our lives.

There’s a guide to help you and your group get started on your Grow Wild adventure and lots of useful tips on Grow Wild’s website It’s a great chance for your group to try something new in 2015 and see results into 2016, thanks to the plants in the mix that flower after winter.

The kits

Each Grow Wild kit contains seed for five people, so on the registration form you’ll need to round the number of people in your group to the nearest five. Grow Wild will then post the right number of seed kits for your group in late March 2015, ready to transform spaces where you live.

You can apply for up to 20 seed kits. Each kit has seed to transform at least 10 square metres, so share the packets with people to sow in public spaces, streets, gardens, balconies and window boxes. Each kit also has a growing guide, DIY bee house and site markers.

There are different native seed mixes for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, so you’ll be sent the right mix for your country.

Registration is now open, so take two minutes out and get your name down for a free seed kit.

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