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Greener TV

Bafta’s albert and Good Energy partner to reduce TV and film’s carbon footprint
Greener TV

Bafta’s albert, the visual arts’ sustainability initiative, and Good Energy, the 100% renewable electricity provider, have joined forces to support the creative industry’s transition to renewable electricity, reduce carbon emissions and save costs across the industry.

The collaboration, which forms part of albert’s Creative Energy Project, makes renewable electricity affordable for creative organisations, with the ultimate goal of increasing the amount demanded and produced in the UK.

Collective switching

Buying certified renewable energy collectively results in a better deal for the industry, saves money and ultimately leads to a reduction in dirty brown power.

‘When the Creative Energy quote for electricity arrived at Directors UK it was considerably cheaper than either our existing dirty energy provider or any other quote we received. We are delighted to be part of this very important initiative.’

Directors UK

Production companies and organisations that have already signed up to the service include Mammoth Films, Baby Cow, Films at 59, Splice, Halo Post Production, Neal Street Productions, Procam, Band Films, CPL Productions, Take 2 Productions, Incentive Pictures and Directors UK, as well as Bafta itself.

Good Energy will supply green electricity to all three of Bafta’s main offices in London, including its iconic home at 195 Piccadilly in the heart of the West End.

TV’s carbon footprint

The film and television industry is becoming increasingly digital, making electricity a more significant component of its carbon footprint.

Approximately 13 tonnes of carbon emissions are associated with the production of one hour’s worth of content. Almost 60% of those emissions come from electricity. Switching to renewables is an easy way to eliminate these emissions.

‘The international community has made some strong commitments for carbon reduction and we are delighted to be working with Good Energy to help make those commitments a reality. The industry has a tendency to focus on tangible environmental impacts but it’s electricity where the largest impact lies and where we must focus our attention. We look forward to BAFTA having its very own wind turbine one day!’

Bafta COO and albert Consortium chair

Established in 2011, albert’s goal is to raise the profile of sustainability and champion sustainable production techniques to the wider industry. The think tank’s resources are currently used by more than 300 organisations across the industry.

Click here to find out more about albert.

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