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Weleda Jardin de Vie fragrances win CEW Eco Beauty Award 2017
Weleda's biodynamic garden

Weleda has bagged a prestigious Lalique trophy at the 2017 CEW Beauty Awards, which are considered the Oscars of the beauty industry.

The natural beauty brand scooped the CEW Eco Beauty Award for its Weleda Jardin de Vie (Garden of Life) collection, which includes natural fragrances ‘Agrume’, ‘Onagre’, ‘Rose’ and ‘Grenade’.

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Recognising ‘significant progress’

CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) is a powerful networking organisation comprising over 700 members ranging from magazine editors and bloggers to make-up artists, beauty brand executives and other beauty entrepreneurs.

342 beauty products were entered into 29 award categories, then voted for by 731 members who all work within the British beauty industry.

‘This Award seeks to recognise new products that have made significant progress in sustainability. The winners set a shining example to the rest of the beauty industry, encouraging us all forward on the journey of sustainability, to think and act in a more responsible way.’

Sustainability manager at Givaudan

The panel

The objective of the CEW Eco Award is to encourage steps towards greater sustainability within the beauty industry. This particular award was independently judged by a team of eco experts and sponsored by global fragrance experts Givaudan.

The panel included Juliet Fairclough, sustainability manager at Givaudan; Jo Fairley, journalist and co-author of The Green Beauty Bible; Miriam Maes, CEO of Foresee; Amarjit Sahota, president of Ecovia Intelligence and Peter Price Thomas, director of Sustenance Ltd.

‘Simply lovely scents’

The CEW Award winners were featured in a special 8-page feature in the Mail on Sunday’s YOU Magazine on 30 April, where Jo Fairley elaborated, ‘The all-natural Jardin de Vie spritz collection from Weleda, a renowned name in biodynamic beauty that has been environmentally conscious since its inception in 1921, impressed the eco-expert judges with its sustainably sourced ingredients, green production methods, minimal packaging, and simply lovely scents.’

‘We are absolutely thrilled. Sustainability is at the heart of the Weleda business. It shapes not just New Product Development but each and every day-to-day decision within the business. It demands real commitment, and patience, as it takes time to develop organic farming partnerships, to raise crops, or to design more sustainable packaging. These efforts often go unrecognised, so we are really grateful to the CEW and Givaudan for the opportunity to shine in this award. Thank you.’

Weleda’s communications director

Weleda Jardin de Vie perfume set
Weleda Jardin de Vie perfume set


‘Weleda won the very first CEW Eco Beauty Award in 2012 with our Weleda Pomegranate Firming Facial Care range, so it is exciting to win the award again in this very special 25th Anniversary year for the CEW.’

Weleda’s managing director

Sustainable sandalwood

To ensure a sustainable supply of precious sandalwood essential oil (used in both the ‘Agrume’ and ‘Onagre’ fragrances), Weleda has invested in an agriculture project for the future: part of a reforestation project in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, allowing harvesting of trees planted today in 20 years’ time.

Sandalwood extract is one of the most precious natural fragrances. The wood is first of all crushed, processed into rough shavings and then distilled using steam. One hundred kilograms of wood produces around one litre of sandalwood essential oil.

To achieve a sustainable harvest, the sandalwood trees have to be harvested in phases while, at the same time, 250 trees per hectare are replanted per year.

The idea of cultivating sandalwood trees alongside other crops such as tea, fruit trees and cinnamon is a new one. The organically certified tea bushes ensure a basic income for the people involved.

Weleda has been making a contribution here since 2009, giving the farmers a higher, contractually agreed kilo price for sandalwood oil. The daily wage for agricultural workers is also one-quarter higher than the usual wage. In addition, Weleda supports a training centre that offers farming cooperatives training on organic cultivation.

Click here to find out more about Weleda’s biodynamic garden.

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